Notes of the “Disenchantment Space” at Ars Electronica Festival 2017

Tonight presentation at Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K.

Atsushi Tadokoroさん(@tadokoroatsushi)がシェアした投稿 –

Disenchantment Space

Hi, I am Atsushi Tadokoro.

Thank you for coming today. I am a creative coder from Japan. I will give you a short introduction of my work.

The title of my work is “Disenchantment Space”. The word “Enchantment” means to have a magical effect on someone or something, and “Disenchantment” is to break an enchantment or a magic.

In this project, I wanted to free the new media art from the “the magic” or a black box of technology.

Nowadays, artists tend to use the word “magic” to explain their works, and the audience seems to pleased their magic.

But, I think it is dangerous. Because of the magic hiding technologies from people. Technology in a black box can be easily used for a wrong purpose.

Gradually, people are becoming afraid of hidden technology like Artificial Intelligence. So, here I open up all technology in this project.

You can see all of the code at my feet what you can see on the wall and feel the sounds in this space. When I walk around, the visuals and sounds are changed by my position.

Now I am the code itself.

Then, this space becomes the huge programmable space. You feel the audio and the visuals from the perspective of code.

There is no magic, no mystery here. This is a way to disenchant the spell of AI age.

Thank you again for coming here today.
Please enjoy.